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In-company Training

In today’s increasingly global economy, languages are becoming more and more important. Today, you not only have to “know your business”, you also have to be able to communicate and build relationships in other languages. Companies turn to providers of language services to ensure a high-quality image (brochures, web pages etc.) and help them present themselves professionally in the international arena.


Task-related language training which is customized to fit the individual situation is our specialty. The training content is carefully tailored around our customers’ fields of activity. This ensures that we address the needs of the employer, who is paying the bill, as well as those of the course participants.

Training a foreign language according to the ‘Task Related Method’ developed by LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES ensures that participants make rapid progress – and in a way that is relevant for their work.

Following the initial consultation, we carry out a needs analysis to determine precisely how to proceed in the best interests of the participants and the company.


Step 1: Consultation

Step 2: Needs analysis/Definition of goals
Step 3: Assessment/Interview
Step 4: Customization of content

Step 4: Measuring progress


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Individual Coaching

Where rapid progress is of essence or in preparation of particularly challenging situations, LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES has a highly successful coaching program. Whether you need to brush up your language skills for business or want to sail through an upcoming examination with a top grade – our individual coaching program focuses directly on your specific personal learning needs.

Here, as also in the case of in-company training, we never lose sight of our holistic approach to language learning. LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES trains both your formal language skills (word power, formal structures, pronunciation) as well as the ‘softer’ factors of communicating in a foreign language. Intercultural communication, overcoming fear of speaking, and practice in small talk are just some of the areas where we can build your language skills.

Group lessons: Foreign languages

Today, foreign languages are all around us – on TV, signs, user instructions, or the person next to you in the supermarket or on the bus. Hardly a day goes by without hearing at least a few words in a foreign language. That doesn’t mean to say you should learn them all – but isn’t it great when you find you can understand what is being said?

Being able to speak a foreign language is a qualification which is not only important for work, and there are not many things that are so easy to learn.

At Language Associates you can learn the language of your choice and for the purpose you need. Our courses range from German as a foreign language (DaF), through French for beginners, English for studying abroad, and Spanish for migrant workers, up to Japanese for advanced learners and Russian for interpreters. You are bound to find the right thing to suit your purpose.

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Special-topic seminars for companies and higher education

Kill two (or three) birds with one stone! For example, combine language training with teambuilding or another topic particularly relevant for your firm. We will be happy to advise and discuss the various possibilities.


More and more companies involved in international business are becoming aware how important it is to understand and respect cultural preferences. LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES offers a proven catalogue of customized special-topic seminars that combine intercultural competence with the training of language skills (e.g. “Doing Business in China”). Our block seminars can also be combined with acquiring an internationally recognized language certificate (LCCI or TOEIC). And LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES has considerable experience in adapting such seminars to suit teambuilding measures.


A selection of our seminar topics:

• Presentation techniques in English
• Academic Writing
• Doing Business in Asia
• Didactics for English-language lecture courses
• Social Training (Fit for Life)
• Various management modules – e.g. delivered on a yacht cruising the Bahamas!
• And lots more

Our seminars can also serve as preparation for international language certificates (e.g. TOEIC, LCCI)


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