Terms of business

LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES goes to considerable lengths to ensure that cooperation with customers runs as smoothly as possible for all concerned. Before placing an order, we ask you to read the following “Terms of Business”, which will subsequently be binding for our business relationship. These Terms of Business were compiled in the interest of transparency.


Terms of Business for language training, coaching and seminars


Terms of Business for interpreting services


Terms of Business for translations and proofreading


Terms of Business for language courses abroad


Terms of Business for the LA Academy


I. Terms of Business for language training, coaching and seminars

  1. All language courses are based on our proven task-related learning concept.
  2. Times and dates of training sessions are to be agreed with the customer.
  3. Changes of appointments can only be agreed to when sufficient notice is given, i.e. a full working week.
  4. In the event that the scheduled trainer is unavailable due to illness, holiday, or other reasons, LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES reserves the right to provide a suitable substitute.
  5. Changes of appointment/cancellations must be notified by email.
  6. Cancellations of appointments for language courses and coaching on the part of the customer within a period of 48 hours (2 weekdays) will be invoiced in the full amount.
  7. In the case of seminars, the cancellation deadline is 21 days prior to starting date. In such an event the customer shall still be liable to compensate LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES fully for all and any expenses incurred prior to cancellation (e.g. compilation of tailor-made scripts, room reservations etc.). In the event of cancellations notified less than 21 days and more than 10 days prior to starting date, 50% of the agreed fee will be payable. All cancellations notified less than 10 days prior to starting date will necessitate payment in full.
  8. Unless otherwise agreed, invoices will be issued at the end of each month or upon completion of the training measure in question.
  9. Notice of termination of running training measures must be submitted in the written form (post, email) at least 4 weeks prior to actual termination.


 II. Terms of Business for interpreting services

  1. Interpreting services shall be invoiced either on the basis of either an hourly or a daily rate.
  2. Payment is due on the date on which the services are rendered.
  3. In the event of cancellation 21 days prior to the agreed appointment, 30% of the agreed full fee will still be payable; for cancellations 10 days prior to the agreed appointment, 60%, and for cancellations less than 5 days beforehand, 100%.
  4. The customer undertakes to provide LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES with lists of specialized vocabulary and terms a minimum of two days prior to the interpreting event. In the absence of such support, the interpreter will be free to use language generally applicable to the field/topic in question.
  5. The customer undertakes to provide LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES with any information deemed relevant for the interpreter(s) a minimum of 10 days in advance of the interpreting event, e.g. conference papers, scripts of speeches/talks, brochures and product descriptions.
  6. Should it be deemed necessary or appropriate, LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES reserves the right to engage third parties for the execution of orders.
  7. Direct contact between the customer and any third party engaged by LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES shall only be by prior agreement. The business relationship shall remain exclusively between the customer and LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES.
  8. The interpreter(s) is/are subject to strict professional secrecy. He/she shall act in good faith and to the best of his/her knowledge and ability.
  9. The interpreting “product” is provided exclusively for immediate consumption. No recording is permitted on the part of any person without the express consent of the interpreter in question.
  10. In the event that a paper/text is to be presented to an audience, the customer undertakes to provide the interpreter with a true copy before the interpreting event. The customer is to take steps that the speaker observes a delivery speed of not more than 100 words per minute.
  11. In the event that films are to be shown during the interpreting event, the film dialogue/commentary will only be simultaneously interpreted if the interpreter has be given the script at least two days beforehand, the commentary is delivered at a normal speed, and the commentary is transmitted directly into the interpreter’s headset.
  12. Travel arrangements are to be planned so as neither to impair the health of the interpreter nor the quality of the work to be performed at the end of the journey.
  13. In the event that the interpreter reasonably considers that the normal requirements placed on fixed or mobile cabins and equipment used for simultaneous interpreting are not fulfilled, or the interpreter finds the quality of the cabins and technical equipment not to be in accordance with usual standards, or the operation of such equipment does not ensure satisfactory delivery or may constitute a damage to health, the team shall be free to refuse simultaneous interpreting until such time as the deficiencies have been remedied.


III. Terms of Business for translations and proofreading

  1. LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES reserves the right to refuse orders. Such refusal is to be notified to the customer within 24 hours of receipt of order.
  2. The customer undertakes to inform LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES of the purpose for which the translation or proofreading is required – in particular in the event that it is for publication.
  3. LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES shall not be held liable in any way whatsoever for translation mistakes or inaccuracies resulting from the customer’s failure to supply correct or complete information or documents.
  4. Should the translated or proofread text be intended for publication, the customer undertakes to provide LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES with precise details of the intended medium and readership. In the event that the customer fails to inform LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES in a timely manner of the purpose for which the translation is required, in particular in the case of advertising, then LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES shall under no circumstances be held liable for payment of any damages that may be incurred.
  5. In the event that the customer fails to inform LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES that the translated text is intended to go to print or should LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES not be supplied with a copy to proofread before printing, any resulting costs or damages shall be at the expense of the customer.
  6. In the event of cancellation, the customer shall reimburse LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES for any work already performed or expenses incurred.
  7. LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES shall observe the terms of professional secrecy.
  8. Unless otherwise specified, LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES shall deliver translations by email.
  9. Any prescribed delivery dates shall remain without engagement. Slight delays in delivery shall not entitle the customer to cancel the order or refuse payment.
  10. In the case of especially difficult texts, difficult-to-read passages, complicated layouts, rush orders or orders involving unsocial hours (nights, weekends, public holidays), LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES reserves the right to negotiate a surcharge.
  11. In the case of large-volume orders, the customer shall make a prepayment in the amount of 50% of the estimated overall cost of translation.
  12. Prices depend on the target language and level of difficulty of the text to be translated. Prices will be quoted on request. As a rule, invoicing shall be based on a price per line (source text), whereby one line comprises 55 characters with blanks, and one page comprises 30 lines. 
    It is only possible to provide an estimate of the final cost for translation work. The price is therefore always based on the number of lines contained in the finished translation.
  13. For low-volume translations and proofreading, LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES charges a minimum fee of EUR 60 (resp. the equivalent in local currency) plus the resp. value added tax.
  14. Current prices for proofreading will be quoted on request. Prices are per page or part of page and may vary depending on volume, level of difficulty, and the language in question. In the event that the number of corrections/interventions exceeds eight per page, LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES reserves the right to charge an hourly rate (not less than EUR 60 per hour).
  15. As invoicing is based on the completed translation (cf. item 12), any cost estimates submitted shall always be without engagement. All prices are subject to the rate of respective value added tax.
  16. In the absence of any farther-reaching agreement regarding the quality of the translation, or in the event that the order does not imply any specific requirements in this respect, LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES shall deliver a complete and true translation of the source text to the best of its knowledge and ability.
  17. LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES shall accept no responsibility for errors caused by source texts that are difficult to read or ambiguously-worded documents, or by faulty fax transmissions. LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES likewise accepts no responsibility for the translation/interpretation of abbreviations or the translation of proper names not appearing in the source text in Latin letters.
  18. The customer underatkes to inform LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES without delay, i.e. immediately, of any errors or deficiencies in the delivered translation and to allow suitable time for their remedy.
  19. If the customer does not request a reworking of the translation or passages therein within a period of five days (receipt of notification by email to LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES), it will be assumed that the translation has been approved and the invoice will be issued. After this time, the customer shall have no claim whatsoever and LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES can refuse to rework any part of the translation in question. In the event that the customer should reasonably request any part of the translation to be reworked within five days of the translation being delivered, the supposed deficits are to be grounded in detail. Reworking is to be completed as soon as reasonably possible.  The foregoing shall also apply to rush orders.
  20. Any claims for damages on the part of the customer are to be suitably grounded and lodged in the written form. Liability for damages by recourse on the part of a third party is expressly excluded.

IV Terms of Business for language courses abroad

  1. LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES acts solely as mediator between the customer and the providers of language services in other countries and is not acting as an “agent” of any such provider.
  2. LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES does not invoice directly for language services rendered in other countries (with the exception of the LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES’ London Programme and the on-board management training).
  3. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES be held responsible for the success of any services delivered by partner institutes in other countries.


V. Terms of Business for the LA Academy

  1. Before completing the registration form, every participant is entitled to receive free consultation during a personal interview.
  2. A teaching unit comprises a minimum of 60 minutes in the case of individual tuition and 90 minutes in the case of two or more participants.
  3. Groups shall comprise no more than 3 participants, each of similar age and level of language competency.
  4. Registration is possible at all times. The registration fee (EUR 25 per participant and programme) and the tuition fee for the month or part of the month in which the programme is begun shall become due one week prior to the first tuition session.
  5. By completing the registration form, the participant, resp. his/her legal representative, agrees to be bound by the contract in question and these Terms of Business. The object of the contact shall be the agreed upon services.
  6. The LA Academy registration shall be valid for a total of 15 (fifteen) teaching units, which are to be carried out within a period of maximum 5 months.
  7. The tuition fee is payable in advance and falls due on the 15th of each calendar month. In the case of direct debit, should the bank refuse or recall payment, all costs incurred plus a EUR 10 processing charge, shall be borne by the participant, resp. his/her legal representative.
  8. Pursuant to existing legislation, tuition fees do not include value added tax (Mehrwertsteuer). In the event that current legislation is amended and value added tax shall become due, the LA Academy shall have the right to invoice additionally for such amounts.
  9. Appointments for teaching units shall be made in consultation with participants and wherever possible in accordance with the preferred days and times indicated on the registration form. The LA Academy reserves the right to change the agreed scheduling of teaching units for operational reasons, in which event the wishes of the participants will be duly taken into consideration.
  10. In the interest of smooth operations, the LA Academy reserves the right to substitute trainers at its discretion.
  11. Teaching units that may have to be cancelled for reasons permitted in these Terms of Business or on the part of the LA Academy are to be made up for within 14 days.
  12. Teaching units that are cancelled by participants in accordance with permitted deadline(s) are to be made up for as soon as possible without incurring additional fees. The permitted deadline is at least 48 hours (two weekdays) prior to the cancelled tuition session.
  13. Teaching units cancelled less than 48 hours in advance will not be made up for and shall not give rise to any reduction of the agreed tuition fees.
  14. In the case of group tuition, should any member not be able to attend a scheduled teaching unit which is attended by one or more other participant(s), the missing person(s) shall have no right to make up for the missed teaching unit. 
  15. Tuition takes place in the school holiday periods, with the exception of Christmas.
  16. Except in the case of group tuition, participants may submit written applications for longer leave of absence, e.g. due to serious illness, during which no tuition fees will incurred.
  17. The LA Academy shall under no circumstances whatsoever be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage or destruction of private property brought onto its premises. The sole exception shall apply to damages caused by gross negligence on the part of the LA Academy or its employees.



  1. Any amendments or additions to these Terms of Business are to be in the written form and bear the signatures of both parties. Oral agreements are expressly excluded.
  2. The LA Academy’s contractual partner agrees that his/her personal data may be saved. Any such data shall be used in accordance with the legal provisions concerning rights of data protection and solely for administrative purposes. The data will not be passed on to other parties.

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