Languages are our specialty – you can contact us for all your language needs. Here are just a few examples.


Our team of specialists will be happy to advise you on how best to implement a long-term strategy for the foreign language training in your company.


We can assist your recruitment activities by defining requisite skill-sets and ensuring that applicants are up to the job in question.


An LA language audit will give you an accurate picture of the skill levels in your company, identifying those members of your staff who need training.


If speed is of the essence, we can arrange for so-called ‘total immersion’ intensive language training with partner institutes all over the world.


It is our policy to be able to advise you in all language needs!

Language certificates

There is no better proof of language competency than an internationally acclaimed certificate examination. The possibility to obtain such a certificate within the context of in-company training courses is also a great motivating factor. And certificate examinations play an important role in job applications.


We therefore offer courses specifically to prepare for the Cambridge First and Advanced Certificate Examinations, as well as BEC. We are also an accredited examination and training centre for the TOEIC and LCCI. An efficient way to prepare for such examinations is to attend one of our intensive block-seminars that conclude with the respective examination!




•    Practice-oriented examinations for all levels
•    High level of international recognition
•    Yardstick of learning progress for institutes and employers


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examination Board (LCCIEB) enjoys a high international reputation. Each year more than 500,000 candidates sit for the examination in 125 different countries.



•    Practice-oriented tests for all levels
•    International certificate examination recognized by universities and companies
•    Yardstick of learning progress for institutes and employers


Each year more than 3 million candidates sit for the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication).


Find out exactly where you stand by taking one of these tests!


Everyone likes listening to a pleasing voice with clear pronunciation. Make sure you choose the right voice for your video presentations.


It requires special training to speak at the right pace and with the just the right intonation and emotion to hold the listener’s interest. Our experts can help you choose the right voice and accent for video voice-overs in every situation.


And if you have to hold a speech or make a presentation in a foreign language, prepare yourself beforehand with the aid of one of our speakers. You can have a recording made and practice for as long as you need to perfect your presentation, optimizing pauses, intonation, pace and pronunciation. When the big day comes your audience will be suitably impressed!

Accompanying foreign guests

Looking after foreign visitors before and after business meetings is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to show them around town and make it interesting by explaining the background of the things they see. And, of course, all this has to be accompanied by lots of ‘small talk’.


Not infrequently, it is in such small-talk situations that people run up against their greatest language barriers. Why is that? Because learners of a foreign language rarely have the chance to talk about everyday matters. They may have no problem talking about their particular field or branch of business because they are doing this all the time. But when it comes to cobble-stone alleyways, baroque architecture or tramways they are completely lost in the foreign language.


We know just how difficult it can be to spend a whole day talking about business – and then having to entertain as well. With one of our specialists to help you and take some of the burden off your hands, you can find time to reflect and concentrate on the core issues at stake.

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