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London, capital city of England and Great Britain, European cultural centre, and one of the financial markets’ most influential players. London attracts several million visitors annually – whether for holidays, for studies, or for professional development. It has something to offer to everybody! In a city where so many cultures come together, multi-national corporations set up their headquarters, and international economy plays such an important role, it seemed a natural choice for LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES to run international operations from here, too..

LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES Franchising Ltd. In London has been the headquarters for our international operations since 2007. Unlike any other, this cosmopolitan city represents the vision of our company: understanding and uniting culture.

In addition to our usual service range we also offer our tried and tested “London Programme”. A personalised programme for rapid language acquisition in combination with a city exploration programme, lead by local professionals. Let yourself be inspired by insider tips, instead of falling right into the usual tourist traps. Get to know the real London, as we know and love it.

My team and I look forward to seeing you here!



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