The market for translations is becoming increasingly fragmented and unclear. How do you know whether a translation conveys the intended message if you are not fluent yourself in the target language? How to choose the right provider?


All members of our team are native speakers of the respective target language with many years of experience – and every translation is subjected to a final quality check from a second qualified person before being sent to the customer.


Every word counts – we want to help you find precisely the right words!


LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES is the preferred supplier for a number of renowned companies, universities, and research institutions, including the Bertelsmann Academy and the Volkswagen Foundation. The list of customers we are allowed to mention as references is your guarantee of quality!

Translations, especially of brochures and websites, are your company’s visiting cards. Don’t take any chances!


Have you ever read something you wrote earlier and ask yourself how it was possible to overlook such a silly mistake?

Especially when a text is to be published in a foreign language, it is simply common sense to first have it proofread by a professional. Your international reputation may depend on it!


LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES has made the proofreading of promotional and academic texts one of its specialties. We are able to give the wording of your text that finishing touch – our trained eyes also pick up those finer points of the language as well as intercultural preferences!


When involved in important negotiations, nothing should be left to chance – especially not those little points that invariably occur at the last minute.


Often it is the fine details that tip the scales between success and failure. No matter how good your command of a foreign language might be, it is still a FOREIGN language to you. Avoid the risk of running up against language barriers. With our professional interpreters at your side you will not only feel more confident – you will also be able to concentrate more on the core issues at stake.


Doing business with other countries calls for much more than a mere translation. It is also vital to take cultural preferences into account.

It is difficult enough to present your company in just a few words and in such a way that arouses the interest of potential customers. You have to make the right choice of language. But what sounds good in one language might be a complete blunder in another! Something that is funny in English may be considered insulting by another culture. Plenty of scope for error here … Don’t take any chances – have your texts written, translated, and proofread by a competent native speaker.

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ISO certified

LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES is your ISO 9001 cetrtified quality partner for all language needs!

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