The LA Academy was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing efficient task-related training with a focus on verbal proficiency in an intercultural environment: all our trainers are native speakers. Above all, the target group encompasses young people who are gearing up for their Abitur examinations or preparing for a stay abroad.


Clearly, in school classes with 25 students and upwards there is no way teachers can include sufficient scope for conversation and verbal practice, or focus on students’ individual needs. The LA Academy offers individual tutoring of a special kind – with native speakers.

In contrast to most private schools, we restrict the numbers in a group to 1, 2 or max. 3 persons. Only in this way is it possible to deal properly with individual learning needs. Moreover, learning in small groups is simply more efficient! You achieve a great deal more in a fraction of the time. The main focus is on improving fluency: our students learn to become more confident by speaking the language. Training takes place in an informal atmosphere with native speakers who are usually twenty-something. This ensures that you learn natural syntax and that intercultural aspects are not neglected.

You have a choice between 3 programs:

"Let's talk!" – oral expression and intensive auditive comprehension.
"Grammar Workshop" – learn the structures of a language at your own pace.
"Writing Workshop" – perfecting writing skills and reading comprehension.

Even if your language skills are already good, by attending one of our programs you will certainly make an improvement and lift your school grade!

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Universities are experiencing a fundamental shift towards more internationalization. Depending on the respective discipline, today about 30% of post-graduate theses are written in English – with rising tendency – and it is virtually impossible to launch an academic career without English language publications.

Make sure you are awarded the grade you deserve – without losing points for poor style or grammar mistakes. It’s not merely what you say – it’s how you say it! Take advantage of our competent proofreading and copy editing service for students. We have a great deal of experience in this field and an impressive list of references.

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Learning Abroad

It’s very difficult to choose from the vast number of schools offering language training in different countries. Over the years, we have built up a network of partner schools all over Europe, and we are able to give you the advice you need. If you are looking for a total immersion course with a language school, an internship, or a summer school where you can improve your language skills, we can help. 

LA acts as an impartial broker, offering individual advice – free of obligation and flexible. We know which would be the right school and the right program for you. You can depend on our experience!

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